Friday, July 04, 2008

Pyrenees 2008 - The Cast

The Broker - The Broker is an old friend with a penchant for wine - but only good wine. Generally credited for introducing me to the sport of cycling, he is an excellent cyclist, but of course, "doesn't ride nearly as much" as he'd like. The Broker is married to The Designer.

The Designer - Newly married to The Broker, her soaring interior design empire has been put on hold for two weeks while her husband and his friends drag her around Spain. We'll be relying on her nose to hunt down the best meals.

The Professional - Recently retired from professional cycling, recently having started his own real estate practice, and recently engaged to The Sweet One, he will be laughing at The Broker and I as we suffer up the 20% gradients of the Pyrenees. With any luck, he knows more languages than the rest of us.

The Sweet One - What can be said? She's adorable and The Professional is one lucky guy. If the two of them can keep their hands off each other, maybe we could even go for a bike ride or make it out to dinner. She'll be solely responsible for visually documenting our journey.

The Muse - She's a muse. What else is there to know?

Me - Well, it started when I was three years old. I fell asleep from being anesthetized while being read a Dr. Seuss book by a male nurse. It's been all turbulence and insomnia ever since. Alas, I digress. I'm the silly one responsible for neglecting this blog and humbly apologize in advance for the lack of quality journalism or pithy insights or both.